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Library macros that are available for download, containing general macros. Download the *. MAC (via right click - save target as) and add to the Macros tab. PL Download the file and open it in Kovoprog in rolling sheet you will see an example of using macros. In case of problems, findings or comments please contact technical support via e-mail: tech-support@kovoprog.cz

Milling - technological macros

Library 1.


KFor proper function are both necessary library files, library obecna.mac contains a macro called from the library technologicke.mac, which contains technology macros:

  •   Macro of a helical drilling
  •   Macro swing drilling
  •   Macro of tube sheet
  •   Macro of rotating body
  •   Macro of profile side pockets - side pockets milled according to the created profile

Using macros in rolling sheet demonstrates an example 2.PLF, of which is stored Kovoprog for version 4.06 or higher.