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In this section you will find the current version of the hardware key driver. Hardlock driver when Kovoprog installation installs itself, but can be instances (reinstallation Windows, upgrade your hardware, installation service packs), when it is needed install the driver again or replaced. The CD-ROM version Kovoprog find drivers, which was at that time when CD was produced to date. But it can state that you need a newer version, which you can find here. In the case of persistent problems with the driver can call the technical assistance.

Hardlock driver - Hinstall

Hinstall.zip Download and extract the hard drive. driver installation HW key to run with the-i option on the command line, there is a need write hinstall -i. Installing and uninstalling the driver can also be done with the supplied batch files install.bat, or remove.bat.

For Windows 7 & Windows 8

Diagnostic and monitoring utilities for hardware key