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  • kovoprog
    Wire Cutting v4.14
    CAD/CAM Kovoprog - wire erosion - Wire Cutting

    Support Windows 10

    Simplify the machining corners

  • kovoprog
    Turning v4.14
    CAD/CAM Kovoprog - Machining - Turning

    Intuitive and easy to use software

    Graphic Editor for creating
    the workpiece and the semi-product shapes

  • kovoprog
    Miling and Drilling v4.14
    CAD/CAM Kovoprog - Machining - Miling and Drilling

    Software supports 2.5D milling
    and drilling operations

    Permanent recalculation
    of the rotational workpiece shape

  • kovoprog
    Photogallery from exhibitions as time went on with Kovoprog

    MSV 2018

    Photogallery from some of the events attended by Kovoprog

Welcome to the CAD / CAM system of Kovoprog

The only Czech CAM system on the market!

Its development and distribution is dealt with by Peška & amp; Brtna Computer Service s.r.o. based in Tábor.

CAD / CAM system Kovoprog is used to prepare programs for machining on NC and CNC machine tools without the support of working with models.
To work with models we offer PEPS CAD / CAM system


What is new is happening at Kovoprog